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    Question call writeL but no MaoscBufferCopied response

    Hi all,

    I am tring use CMdaAudioOutputStream class to play a streaming PCM16 sound.
    It works normally util the application crashes by some memory problem.
    I re-launch the application and try to play again without closing emulator.
    It is opened normally and I get a MaoscOpenComplete callback response.
    But I never gets the MaoscBufferCopied callback reponse after app crashed.
    And it directly response in MaoscPlayComplete callback function.

    I must close the emulator and reopen it, then the audio stream player can work normally.
    But it is very inconvenient to test the app, because the emulator launch process spends so much time!
    Does any one know how to solve this problem without closing emulator?
    What function I should call?


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    Re: call writeL but no MaoscBufferCopied response

    propably best way to overcome the problem is to try finding a fix for the memory crash, that is causing all other problems.


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