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    SyncML OTA Problems (Overview)

    Hi all.

    i have been reading some of the posts regarding SyncML, and it seems that most people are haveing trouble sending the OTA SyncML setttings. It seems that it works on some phone but not on others.

    From what I have learned i think what I can say is the following.
    It all started with Nokia developing SyncML, then SonyEricsson joined and together they put out the Nokia - SonyEricsson OTA Spec v7.0 or v7.1

    But then they merged with OMA and it seems that OMA took over the development of the SyncML standard (or what ever), and then they published a new spec "OMA Client Provisioning"

    It also seems that ther is a different one for each "series" of Nokia phone.

    So I think that is why all of you (including me), are struggleing. Some of the phones use the Nokia - SonyEricsson OTA spec and the rest use the OMA spec.

    My personal experienece was that my settings seemed to work on my P900 and P910, but not on the Nokia 6600 and 9300.

    Is my reasoning correct ?? Do you all agree with this, or can someone correct me if I am wrong, because I am trying to understand why SyncML was suppose to make everything easy but from my point of view getting it all to work is very very hard. (Maybe its because I am new to all this too)

    Also the other problem I had was to fine a nice little program/script (or what ever) to conver the xml settings to wbxml. I have yet to find something like that (I am using Java), so I basically had to impliment the wbxml encoding myself. I know SMSNow is a great tool that does all that for you, but I dont have the $$$ for that now.

    Considering all this, am i right to assume that there is now way to have the OTA settings work on EVERY phone without reading every possible spec developed ?

    My problem is that we are trying to make the setup procedure automatic, by just having the user send a SMS or a USSD request and then they will recieve their SyncML settings. But now it seems that we need to know the make of the phone first before we can send because the encoding is going to depend on the phone.

    So now my problem is, how can you extract the make and model of the phone from a SMS or a USSD request (I am not familiar with SMPP yet).

    Plus for all of those people useing Sync4j, how can you get the IMEI number from a SMS or USSD request.?

    If anyone can provide any information on this it woul really help me and everyone else who is trying to develop for SyncML.

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    Please read Nokia and Sony Ericsson documents first. OMA (SyncML) Data Synchronization has nothing to do with OMA Client Provisioning or Nokia OTA. But you can send OMA DS and OMA DM settings via OMA CP and Nokia OTA.

    Why do you need the IMEI? Change the security managers in Sync4j because normally a user has several device but one account. With all of her devices the user can connect even new ones your server was not aware before.

    As you can see on the Nokia list, OMA Client Provisioning is a good start. For Sony Ericsson devices OTA seems to be a good choice. Well, I can't give you an definite answer to this mess. I have not played much with OTA/CP yet.

    For WBXML conversion have a look at the improved kXML package within Sync4j. It can be modified for the OMA CP codepages. Otherwise use a SAX parser.
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    Re: SyncML OTA Problems (Overview)

    Could someone post the links to the Nokia and Sony Erricsson documents again. They seem to be broken.


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    javadi82, I have updated the links, however, in your case please have a look at this discussion first.

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