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    recreate signed sis file

    hi all,
    i have to recreate a signed sis file within my app.
    I m able to do this for the unsigned sis file, But when i include the "key" and "certificate" file in the package file, then the size of my app-created sis file is some bytes less (128 byte) from the original sis file. And when i try to install the application from my app-created sis file, the installer says "security error".

    what could be the cause for this???


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    Re: recreate signed sis file

    Where did you get the key and the certificate from? If they are not the same as the SIS file was originally signed with then of course it will be different.

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    Re: recreate signed sis file

    My question is how to insert that signature in my-app created sis file.
    Makesis insert some signature at the end of sis file. Even if i use "makekeys" utility with my own private key and signature, then also the sis file is not the same as original.

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