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Thread: 9210 Java UI

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    9210 Java UI

    I'm writting a Java application for the 9210. Since I'm targetting this platform, are there any UI libraries I can use to take advantage of the 9210 UI?

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    RE: 9210 Java UI

    A typical UI designed for a PC screen may not be efficient enough in the screen of the Nokia 9210 Communicator. It is recommended that application developers take advantage of the Crystal platform's UI features. Certain APIs for Nokia 9210 Communicator specific display features are included:
    7 Command Button Area API
    7 Status Pane API
    7 Virtual Cursor API

    The Command Button Area is the recommended method of allowing the user to choose commands simply and rapidly. Crystal provides a class in the com.symbian.epoc.awt package that allows Java programs to create Command Button Areas and receive events from them.

    The Status Pane API allows you to access Crystal's Status Pane (sometimes referred to as the Indicator Area). The Status Pane is dedicated to providing different kinds of important information such as connection, battery and field strength indicators.

    The Virtual Cursor (VC) is a useful UI extension providing users with a software pointer in the absence of a hardware pointer (e.g. mouse pointer). The Virtual Cursor is useful in applications that explicitly require pointer events.

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