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    Unhappy Java / HttpConnection error on 6230i


    I am stuck with the same problem for a couple of days - I did a fair amount of reading on this forums and others, but it seems I just can't solve it.

    I am trying to get a web page (text) from a web server with my 6230i. I works with the emulator, but when I run it on the device, I get a IOException error : Error in HTTP Operation.

    What I did (and didn't change a thing) :
    - start the connection in a different thread
    - change POST to GET
    - add and remove various headers
    - add sleep time at various locations

    And of course I can connect and view the page using the embedded web browser. Apparently the access point is the provider's WAP gateway.

    Please help, I'm running out of ideas.



    //code :

    DataInputStream dis = null;
    DataOutputStream dos = null;
    StringBuffer responseMessage = new StringBuffer();
    String response = null;
    HttpConnection hcon = null;

    try {

    hcon = ( HttpConnection )Connector.open( testUrl, Connector.READ_WRITE );

    hcon.setRequestMethod( HttpConnection.GET );

    if (hcon.getResponseCode() == HttpConnection.HTTP_OK) {
    dis = hcon.openDataInputStream();

    // Get the length and process the data
    int len = (int) hcon.getLength();
    if (len > 0) {
    byte[] chars = new byte[len];
    int actual = dis.read(chars);
    response = new String(chars);
    } else {
    int ch;
    while ((ch = dis.read()) != -1) {
    responseMessage.append( (char)ch );
    if (responseMessage.length() > 0) {
    response = responseMessage.toString();
    catch( IOException e ) {

    finally {
    // free up i/o streams and http connection
    try {
    if( hcon != null ) hcon.close();
    if( dis != null ) dis.close();
    if( dos != null ) dos.close();
    } catch ( IOException ioe ) {
    }//end try/catch
    }//end try/catch/finally

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    Smile Re: Java / HttpConnection error on 6230i

    Well, it's kind of fixed.
    I call my provider (Bouygues Télécom, France) to check my services, and it appeared that the "multimedia" service (internet from your phone) doesn't allow "data" transfer. So I subscribed to the "data" service, and... it works.

    Both seem to go through the same WAP gateway though.

    I'm not very happy to have wasted so much time on that, but I'm glad nobody answered this post - my shame is lessened...


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