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    RE: Thawte Root Certs

    There are two keys installed to Nokia Symbian devices that are trusted in software installation: Nokia and Nokia OK. The Nokia signature is used in signing the Nokia branded application installation packages and Nokia OK key is used in signing the installation packages which have passed the Nokia OK process. For more information concerning Nokia OK process, go to http://www.forum.nokia.com/ok.

    It is possible to load a new root certificate into a Nokia Symbian device. However this key will not be trusted by the device unless the trust settings are not defined properly. This can be done for example from the certificate manager application.

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    Thawte Root Certs

    Hi chaps,

    I work for Thawte and we're currently having a few issues with some clients developing apps for the Symbian OS when they try and sign the application (to prevent tampering etc.)

    What I'd like to know is, how does one import a root cert into the Nokia 7650 device and who can I talk to about problems the device seems to have with an app signed by ourselves?

    At the moment the correct Thawte root cert is loaded into the device, but this root cert is not recognised once a client has signed their app and 'installed' it on the device; as you can well imagine this is rather frustrating as everything seems to be in ordr, ut we can;t seem to figure out what's happening...

    Looking forward to some idea's.

    Jason Barr
    Thawte Vendor Manager

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    but how to install a new certificate?

    Dear etunkelo!

    You are talking about installing new root certificates on a symbian device. Searching the forum for information about that, it seems nobody ever really achieved that. It seems especially important to be able to deploy custom certificates for development purposes. Can you give a brief but clear description on how to install a new and/or a personal certificate?

    Thank you very much in deed.


    (Personally I am especially interested deployment on 6600 devices. Hopefully installation procedures do not differ from model to model)

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