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    How to avoid insertion of duplicate entries in device calendar??

    Hi All,

    We r using a client-server PIM application which notifies the PIM client (N9300/N9500) if an appointment is added/modified/deleted from its Microsoft outlook server and synchronizes accordingly And more if PIM client(N9300/N9500) add/modify/delete an entry from default calendar application, then these entries are synchronized with the Microsoft outlook as well.

    If an entry is created with the same fields( like time, subject etc) as an already existing entry in the device, it also gets synchronized with the device(N9300/N9500) as we r not having any information about the device calendar entries and so this duplicate entry also get inserted into the device’s default calendar. We want to avoid the insertion of such duplicate entry into default calendar. We don’t want two entries with the same time in the device calendar. How can we achieve this?? Can we get the id of device calendar entries? How can we comet o know that an entry already exist in the calendar??

    Hope to get a reply

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    Re: How to avoid insertion of duplicate entries in device calendar??

    Find out what the date is for the entry you are adding, fetch all the entries from the calendar with the same date, compare all the fields one by one to see if they are the same. That's the only way I think

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