This is not a developer related question, but I hope, someone can help to me. My Nokia 9300 had a problem. I have backed up everything with PC suite and I also have made a full backup to the MMC. Then Service. When we got back the toy, I realised the sotware was updated. The current version is V05.22 (03-06-2005)
I have been trying to restore backup with PC Suite, but the contacts doesn't go back. I have analyzed the file and I didn't find any contact related messages. (I can found it in 6230's backup)... Then I tryed to put back mmc backup, but the contacts.cdb in use so I cannot put it back. Are there any way to put it back?
Now I have installed Nokia S80 SDK and have put the saved contacts.cdb to the emulator. Booted and checked the contacts -- It's working. But how can I put this database to my PC in any usable format like csv, wab, vcard, etc.

Thank you in advance!

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