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    Lightbulb programmatically supplying the BT passcode


    This topic has been posted some two years ago - with no solution -, but since then also Symbian has changed a little, so I'm thinking to give it another try.

    I wrote an application for a Nokia 6630 (Symbian 8.0a, fw v4.03.18) in which I connect to the serial port service (rfcomm) of a bt device connected to the PC, send and receive data, like in the bt point-2-multipoint example.

    When the phone initiates the connection, with the RSocket::Connect(), the dialog requesting the passcode pops up. I want the connection to be authorized/authenticated, but I want to supply the passcode by program. The passcode is configured in the bt device before I start the application on the phone. I would just like to be saved the trouble of typing it in the dialog.

    This would not be a security issue, since the bt device connected to the PC always asks for a passcode when receiving a connection. If other devices than my phone want to connect to the bt device on the PC, they also need to supply the passcode, if they know it. (Besides, this bt device unpairs the phone whenever it's reset, i.e. disconnected from the PC, or the PC is turned off, so typing in the passcode is an everyday task... )

    Is there any support for programmatically supplying the bt passcode in Symbian 8.0a?

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you a lot for any info.


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    Re: programmatically supplying the BT passcode

    There is a nice discussion on newlc about related issue. You may have a look in it.


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