Hi All,
My problem is that when connecting to the internet I want my
application to display the IAP selection dialog (done using UpdateDialogPrefL)
'only if' the wrong IAP is currently selected as the default in the commsdb.
I tried UpdateDialogPrefL with ECommDbDialogPrefPromptIfWrongMode,
but I found it did'nt work.

The code is as follows
CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView::TCommDbIapConnectionPref iConPrefs;
CCommsDatabase* db = CCommsDatabase::NewL();
CCommsDbConnectionPrefTableView* view = db->OpenConnectionPrefTableViewOnRankLC(ECommDbConnectionDirectionOutgoing,1);
User::LeaveIfError(view->GotoFirstRecord()); view->ReadConnectionPreferenceL(iConPrefs);
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(2); //db,view

I was just wondering if I am climbing up the wrong tree, whether it is
possible to do what I need using the above API's.Or am I doing something
wrong in the above code.

I was just wondering by the way as to how the system would know
whether the wrong IAP is selected

Any pointers would be very welcome and appreciated