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    problem with socket write


    i opened a socket and i am trying to write to the socket

    void CSocket::WriteL(const TDesC8 &Data)
    if ( SockStatus == EConnected && !IsActive())
    iSocket.Write( Data, iStatus );
    iWriteStatus = ESending;

    i can see the data on the server only if i close the socket.
    void RunL()
    switch( iWriteStatus )
    // Character has been written to socket
    case ESending:
    StatusMessage(_L("write completer"));

    can i flush the data with out closing the socket

    how can i do it.can any one help me.

    Thanks and regards

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    Re: problem with socket write

    I guessed you r using tcp protocol and iSocket.Read() at server side. This function returns when the full amount of requested data has been received or the connection breaks. So you better use iSocket.RecvOneOrMore() at server side. This method returns as soon as any data is a available.

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