I am a content provider sharing java games. I have 3 problems now:

1) I have some problem delivery the jar file (jad file is ok) for different operators in my country. I do use the same file, the same mobile phone but different sim card (for different operators), we tested on Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6600. Two operators work just find however, there is one operator which always reports invalid file. I first think of the file size however after sending file size of 56K, the problem still persists, "invalid file". I felt the the mobile downloaded the whole file before.

2) Invalid file problem on Nokia 6230. I put a game with size around 61.3K in the mysql database, then query it with PHP when delivery. Once, I got always error "invalid file" reports, however, after recompile and change something in the code, with file size 62.1K, it works file. I also tested 61.3K via bluetooth, it works fine too. I wonder if they are some byte order or bit stuffing problem there.

Thank you.

Sorry I posted on the wrong place