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    Using CMdaAudioConvertUtility to convert raw audio to a wav file

    Can anyone help? I am recording raw audio data to a file using CRecordAudioInputStream. I now want to convert the raw audio data to a wave file format and possibly other file formats, using the CMdaAudioConvertUtility. I keep getting KErrNotSupported when I call OpenL(..), to open the audio conversion utility. I am testing this on the PC emulator and on a 6300 phone. Here is the code I am using

    CMdaAudioConvertUtility* CMediaFileConverter::ConstructL(const TDesC& aSourceFile, const TDesC& aTargetFile)
    TMdaFileClipLocation *SrcFile = new(ELeave) TMdaFileClipLocation(aSourceFile);
    TMdaFileClipLocation *DestFile = new(ELeave) TMdaFileClipLocation(aTargetFile);

    SrcFile.iName = aSourceFile;
    DestFile.iName = aTargetFile;

    TMdaClipFormat* SrcFormat = new(ELeave) TMdaRawAudioClipFormat;
    TMdaClipFormat* DestFormat = new(ELeave) TMdaWavClipFormat;

    TMdaRawAudioClipFormat *SrcCodec = new(ELeave)TMdaRawAudioCodec();
    TMdaPcmWavCodec *DestCodec = new(ELeave)TMdaPcmWavCodec();

    TMdaAudioDataSettings SrcSettings;
    TMdaAudioDataSettings DestSettings;

    SrcSettings.iChannels = 1;//TMdaAudioDataSettings::EChannelsMono;
    SrcSettings.iSampleRate = 8000;//TMdaAudioDataSettings::ESampleRate8000Hz;

    DestSettings.iChannels = TMdaAudioDataSettings::EChannelsMono;
    DestSettings.iSampleRate = TMdaAudioDataSettings::ESampleRate8000Hz;

    TRAP((err, iMediaFileConvertUtility->OpenL(&SrcFile, &DestFile, SrcFormat, DestFormat, SrcCodec, &SrcSettings, DestCodec, &DestSettings));

    return iMediaFileConvertUtility;

    Could somebody please tell where I am doing wrong and show me how to get it right.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Using CMdaAudioConvertUtility to convert raw audio to a wav file

    CMdaAudioConvertUtility is not needed to create a wav file from raw audio data. All you need to do is to insert the 44 byte wav header into the beginning of the data, and edit the required byte values of the header to the corresponding values of your raw data (eg. bit depth, number of channels, length of data etc).

    More details on wav format here: http://ccrma.stanford.edu/courses/42...ts/WaveFormat/

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