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    Playing 2 Videos without "waiting time"?

    Hi all.

    I am trying to play 2 videos successively, and hoping that there will be no "idle time" between the 2 plays.

    Unfortunately, nothing I tried worked...

    I initialized one CVideoPlayerUtility, and I prepared the first video (OpenFileL and Prepare on MvpuoOpenComplete).
    On MvpuoPrepareComplete, I play the first one (Play).
    On the MvpuoPlayComplete(), I prepare the second video by calling OpenFileL - but MvpuoOpenComplete is never called, and the application quits without any warning or error...

    The only way I found to play 2 videos was to delete the CVideoPlayerUtility and to recreate it - which of course is not matching the "no delay between 2 videos" need...

    I also tried to create 2 CVideoPlayerUtility, and to prepare the second one on the MvpuoPrepareComplete of the first one, but as soon as I call the OpenFileL for the second, application quits again without any warning - and the first time I tried, the phone restarted!!

    It seems it's not possible to do what I want - or did I miss something?

    Thanks for your attention,

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    Re: Playing 2 Videos without "waiting time"?

    Im still new to symbian programming but not new to programming in general. So my thinking is, why not create two threads, one for each video, create ur video player in each thread so its all set up and ready to play, then one finishes playing u can tell the second to start.
    Viru Doshi
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