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    CRC error in downloaded s60_2nd_sdk_fp3.zip

    Sorry for posting this to the wrong forum... Seems that there is a thread already about this issue:



    Anyone else had trouble downloading "Series 60 SDK, for Symbion OS, for C++", version "2nd edition, FP3" (not the beta)? Has someone successfully downloaded and installed the SDK?

    I downloaded the file, three times and with IE and Firefox, and for all downloaded files got this error (for file data2.cab):

    Some data in your Zip file is damaged. The CRC is dd73742a but should be 9bf11bcc.

    I tried to unzip with "WinZip 9.0 SR-1", and "UnZip 5.40 of 28 November 1998, by Info-ZIP", and got the same error with both of them.

    Is the file at forum.nokia.com really errorneous, or am I just unlucky?
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