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    all black text or failing syntax coloring

    On occasion, Codewarrior will not "color" a file according to syntax, i.e. make comments red, keywords blue, classes dark blue, etc. Does anyone know what the reasons for this may be? I am interested because some files that codewarrior is not coloring in my project are suspiciously the files that define some modules which are crashing. Everything compiles and links fine, but at runtime there are crashes. I have checked for things like duplicate files, multiple definitions, and done some googling on the topic but have found nothing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: all black text or failing syntax coloring

    I've seen this on occasion and usually I just delete my _Data folder and it clears it up. Close your project and navigate to where the CW project (.mcp) file is. There is the *_Data folder. Just delete that then re-open the project and the browser database will get rebuilt for the project (you will need to rebuild the project too since all the object code lives in the _Data folder too).


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