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    Create Email account


    I am trying to create Email account. This far i have reached. I can create new KUidMsgTypePOP3 MTM under root. Then i can add new CImPop3Settings to created MTM so i can set loginname and password. Then i have a feeling that iap can be set using CImIAPPreferences.
    Then the issue is how i can set user mail address, ougoing/incoming mail server name.
    I try to verify this by using emulator own mail setting tool(Remote mailboxes) if i open the created mailbox i get error KErrNotFound. That may be because i haven't set the IAP.

    I have also noticed that there is a lot a developers struging with this issue.
    Help is really appreciated. Thanks a lot already.
    I will put the code here when/if i get it working


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    Re: Create Email account

    There is a pretty good example here:


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