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    SMS wakeup Problem

    I have an application for Nokia 6680 which uses push registry for auto wake on recieving a SMS.
    I use registerConnection method of PushRegistry to register my MIDlet, in startApp function of MIDlet as shown below.

    "SMSReceive", "*");
    SMSReceive: Midlet name
    "sms://:3716" : SMS port no

    When I am out of the application, on recieving a SMS at the particulat port, I get a pop up message "Allow application to start automatically", with Yes, No soft key.

    If I choose "No" at this pop up, auto wake up of application stops functioning.

    Any number of SMSs I send to this SIM number. I get no more pop up messages and application does not starts automatically.

    I want to mention I am sending SMS using a different MIDlet install on another device and send and receive ports are same.

    Also want to mention if I try above scenario on LG, Motorola,Samsung and Nokia 40 serires, for every SMS send I recieve the pop up permission message even if I say No on each popup.

    Is something wrong with Nokia 6680 I am using, or is the appliaction lacking something.

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    Re: SMS wakeup Problem

    check the properties of the application, the permission stuff are combo and let you choose for each kind of permission
    there might be something about sms, so check if it's not "ask only the first time" or something like that

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