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    Problem with include files when invoking from the command line.

    I'm having a problem using CW 2.8 from the commandline. I'm basically calling the codewarrior compiler exactly as specified in the makefiles generated by symbian's own toolchain, with all options etc. But when calling from the commandline I get error that it can't include files which are included with '<' and '>'.

    The include paths are correct, if I change the < > to "" instead, it works, but then I get the same error from the files included inside symbian headers.


    // This doesn't work
    #include < e32std.h >
    #include < f32file.h >

    // but this works:
    #include "e32std.h"
    #include "f32file.h"

    The include path to these files are specified explicitly on the command line, nothing relative.

    I first thought maybe some include files are searched in paths specified in some environment variable like 'MWCSym2Includes'. But that's very unlikely since the symbian generated makefiles take the contents of this variable and append as regular include paths to the command line.

    - This is the include statements:

    #include < e32std.h >
    #include < f32file.h >

    - This is the command line I'm using for a single file:

    mwccsym2.exe -wchar_t off -align 4 -warnings on -w nohidevirtual,nounusedexpr -msgstyle gcc -enum int -str pool -nostdinc -g -O0 -browse -d _DEBUG -d __SYMBIAN32__ -d __CW32__ -d __WINS__ -d __WINSCW__ -d UNICODE -d _UNICODE -i c:\symbian\7.0s\series60_v20\epoc32\include -i \symbian\7.0s\series60_v20\epoc32\include\libc
    -c C:\dev\scb\scbdbg\src\scbdbg_symbian.cpp -o C:\dev\scb\scbdbg\src\scbdbg_symbian.o

    - And this is the compiler errors:

    ..\..\scb\scbdbg\src\scbdbg_symbian.cpp:34: the file 'e32std.h' cannot be opened
    ..\..\scb\scbdbg\src\scbdbg_symbian.cpp:35: the file 'f32file.h' cannot be opened

    Does anyone have an idea of what's going on?

    Best Regards.
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    Re: Problem with include files when invoking from the command line.

    I just got info from another resource on this problem.

    For anybody interrested, the -i- option of the preprocessor is the problem, it's placement on the commandline has meaning to where headers are searched for.


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