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    wap gateway problem

    Hi all,
    Can any body give me ip address of gateway which supports larger
    files or suggest us any good gateway software which is available
    as shareware/ freeware for testing. As the gateway we are using
    is of our cellular operator which is able to serve jar files upto
    12KB only. While trying to download jar file of size more than
    12KB its saying wap connection time out.

    is thr anyone can help me.

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    RE: wap gateway problem


    Nokia Activ Server 2.1 supports SAR and enables downloading files up to 100 KB. This version should work well with Java downloads. You can download NACS 2.1 from Forum Nokia web site at http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/1,35452,1_1_40,00.html (free of charge for 30 days).

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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