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    Nokia SDK Bluetooth service re-discovery problem, Help Me!:(

    I downloaded the j2me bluetooth example "btsppEcho" (http://www.forum.nokia.com/info/sw.n..._v1_0.zip.html).

    I run it on the Nokia J2ME SDK 2.0's emulator, there is a problem as following:

    I start two emulator for the "btsppEcho" app, one is client side, the other is server side, For the first time, I search the bluetooth service in server side, it can find the client bluetooth service. But when I exit the client side app and re-enter it, the server side can't find the client bluetooth service. If I close the client side emulator and restart it as client side, server side can find it again. How can I solve it?

    BTW, the problem never occurs on the Sun's J2ME Wireless Tookkit 2.2 Emulator and Sony Errison SDK emulator. What about the problem on real device?

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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