I am developing an application that comunicate with a nokia phone and I have tried using the PC connectivity SDK and AT commands.
There are pros and cons by using both methods of comunication and there are some things , it seems, that I cannot do with any of them.

The PC connectivity SDK is quite easy to understand and gives you access to most of the phones functionality. But it relies on Nokia Connection manager and it can be rather painful to connect to the Mobile using that. Second, Nokia 6310 is not supported and my boss demands that it must be...

So I opted to use AT commands. The treshold for using this lower level approach is a bit higher, but once you have it all set up it seems to work faster and be more reliable.

But now I see that there are no AT commands for listing out caller groups. And I know that must be possible without PC connectivity SDK because programs like LogoManager lists all caller groups even on a 6310. Thus I am inclined to belive that there are other ways to comunicate with the Nokia Mobile other than those mentioned. Or maybe there are undocumented AT-commands?

Finally it would be very neat to be able to use the PC as handsfree set using the same cable that you send commands to start and stop the call. The document "AT Command Set for Mobile Equipment" from 1995 mentions some commands like AT+VLS that could be usefull but the newer document "AT Command Set for Nokia GSM products" from 2002 states that this command is removed(wich I can confirm on a 6210 and a 6310). If anybody has an idea of another way to achieve this I would be very grateful.

Ragnar TM