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    Making game for Mobile

    Hi everyone,
    I am Vishal studying in the final year of IT Engineering.
    In final year every one has to make a final year project (Compulsory).
    As i am a mobile freak, i choose to make a game for mobile phones (only for Nokia series 60 phones) using J2ME.
    I have started referring J2ME Coding books but it will take too much time if i go through the books & i have to complete my project before april 2006, as in 1st week of May 2006 i will have to show the External examiner the WORKING game along with its CODE.
    Can anyone help me?? Any reference to any website, if anyone knows any such helping sites??
    Any help will be highly appreciated coz i do not think that i will be able to complete the coding on my own before May 2006.
    The game is not fixed, i can decide any game as long as it's a multiplayer bluetooth working game.
    My E-Mail id is vishalrpanchal@yahoo.com
    Waiting for your reply...

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    Cool Re: Making game for Mobile

    Firstly please note that the terms im using here may not be the right words but they are the first words i thought of so dont go putting what i've said here directly into your report. Also, opioions and how to handle the project, books etc are my own opinions - its not gospel!!

    There are two basic types of multiplayer games, turn-based and ad-hoc.

    For example, Chess is a turn based game, where one player waits for the next to make a move. A two-player football game is an example of an ad-hoc game, where players dont wait for eachother to move first.
    Stick to coding a turn-based game, its 100 times easier to code and handle. Since chess has been exhausted and code is available all over the place to make a chess game choose something different. But choose something a little harder than tic-tac-toe!! Actually saying that, create the tic-tac-toe game for practice, focusing little on the actual graphics and playability but putting more focus in the actual implementation of bluetooth connectivity and passing messages. When you understand the protocol and bare-bones then I would learn about painting on the canvas.

    Also, BUY A GOOD BOOK, and I dont mean one of those "SAMS Learn (insert language) in 24Hours", They're normally good for reference but not great for a better understanding!! Check your uni library first of course, then check for reviews on any you find, if the book you pick up from the library has poor reviews, buy one that has had good praise!

    How good are your regular Java skills? If you're a competent programmer you'll pick up J2ME relatively easy as its still all OOP. Just be careful about assuming that just because a class/method existed in JavaSE it may not appear in the J2ME MIDP.

    I'm doing a Computer Science degree. For my final year project i'm creating a application for series 60 mobiles too but using C++. I would have done it with J2ME but its 'sandbox' nature is a hinderance! But I cant see that being an issue for you.

    Anyway, hope that gets you started, if you need testers i'll be happy to test a game for you if i've got some free time.

    Viru Doshi
    ~ No Style Without Substance ~

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