I went to this conference the other day put on regarding mobile media and new solutions in the market. I have to say that i am oh so impressed by a company called Node. These guys have really got something.

Their product is the Node Explorer, a portable audio-visual device that is wireless and utilises GPS technology. It plays video images, has a high resolution screen, is very robust and has optimised interactive technology. They put on this Blair Witch display that would simply revolutionise the film. You could cut up the film using their software and then run using the location ware hanheld device. It would mean media could go out into the woods and totally change the face of media forever.

At the moment it seems to be mainly being bought in to the education, sports and heritage markets but they've convinced me that the versatility of this Node explorer is huge. The software is also being lined up to produce a city guide in Belfast and there is no reason why this software cannot be used on mobile phones in the coming years.