Series 40 Sound and Incoming Call Confliction

I am a game developer and I have a question regarding a call interruption during game play on Nokia 40 Series and builds.
If an incoming call interrupts while the game is playing sound, then the phone freezes. I was trying to resolve this issue for numerous days, but I couldn't.

For details, an incoming call interrupts when sound is playing or loading, then Sound.stop() and Sound.deallocate() is used, and the phone freezes (I believe these two method is the reason why since if I use just stop() then it does not freeze). I tried using Sound.deallocated() or Sound.close() after a call but it gives same problem. In other words, if I use Sound.deallocate() or Sound.close() then the phone freezes.

In this case, I can use only one sound after a call which is prefetched before the incoming call since I cannot use deallocate() and close(). Series 60 did not have any problem with the same code but this happens only in Series 40 devices.

Can anybody help me on this issue?