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    Question Launching an application in SDK 3rd edition

    My application starts an other application (CApaApplication) with the following source code

    CApaProcess* process=CEikonEnv::Static()->Process();
    // Add a new embedded document to the current process with the type of our viewer\editor app
    TFileName buffer = KViewEditAppFileName();
    CEikDocument* document=static_cast<CEikDocument*>(process->AddNewDocumentL(buffer));
    // Put this new document on the cleanup stack
    TApaDocCleanupItem cleanup(process, document);
    CleanupStack::PushL(cleanup); // push cleanup
    // Tell the document to initialise

    The launched application was a .app (TARGETTYPE APP in .mmp file) in the SDK 2nd edition and has been changed to an .exe (TARGETTYPE EXE in .mmp file) in the SDK 3rd edition.
    What is the way to launch the .exe application ?
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    Re: Launching an application in SDK 3rd edition

    CApaCommandLine* comndLine = CApaCommandLine::NewLC();
    comndLine ->SetExecutableNameL( aApp );// aApp is exe name in buffer
    comndLine ->SetCommandL( EApaCommandRun );
    RApaLsSession apaSession;
    apaSession.StartApp( *comndLine );
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( comndLine );

    use this code


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    Re: Launching an application in SDK 3rd edition

    Ok, this works.

    But what about applications that is to open the document? My embeddable app is launched by clicking file in phone gallery, but it's closed after second with displayed error "Feature not supported (-5)".
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