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    SetSubjectL error with SendAs


    Started programming for Symbian yesterday, so be kind

    Anyway, I'm trying to modify the SendAs example to make a really simple program to create a "Remote E-mail" message and put it in the outbox, with a specific recipient and subject. The target device is a Nokia 9300.

    The problem is that when I try to run SetSubjectL, an error dialog pops up, saying that the operation is not supported. This occurs even though I am filtering for capabilities and even checking for the subject capability before attempting the function.

    Here's the applicable code snippet.

    // Set the message type to use
    const CDesCArray& mtms = iSendAs->AvailableMtms();

    // Create the message in the draft folder

    // Set subject

    // Set address
    iSendAs->AddRecipientL(_L("Test Address"));

    // Save message

    If I comment out the SetSubjectL call, the message is properly created with the desired recipient, so everything else works OK.

    On a related note, currently I am indexing the MTM quite stupidly. Is there a better way for me to determine which MTM in the list is Remote E-mail?

    I'm fully open to using different classes, etc., as long as they work :P

    Thanks in advance.

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