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    Unhappy New Nokia Models with built-in flashlight feature


    I've been a Nokia user since 1996. At present,.. I would like to change my old 1100 for a much better and much newer phone....but my kind of job doesn't allow me to do it because the flashlight of this model practically has been the only one thing that have make me think on this. This flashlight has been very opportune many times when we are wiring our plasma TV's installations for Digital Signage Systems

    I don't know why Nokia designers "stopped" the design of phones including this very useful tool on them. Yes I know.....these are facts ot merchansing

    I think this must be a "must" in every phone.

    A very cheaper white led don't have to be a crutial and important item on the production budget.

    Please. I "beg" to Nokia Design Team to design new models with flashlight feature included..... now that the most beautiful torchs and hand flashlights are been workcrafted by the most notable brands with this technology. (led)


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    Re: New Nokia Models with built-in flashlight feature

    The 5140i has such a feature: http://www.europe.nokia.com/nokia/0,,73818,00.html

    Some models with a camera and LED "flash" for the camera (e.g., 6680 or N70, for example) could enable the flash with software, I suppose, but I haven't seen applications for that yet.

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