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Thread: AT command?

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    AT command?


    i am new in nokia phone. plus nokia has large range of models,
    i am making one SMS connectivity project. now prototype is working on non nokia models.

    prototype is made up from C# and it is directly opening RS232 Port , and send AT commands and work accordingly.

    now when i connected nokia 3120 phone , it even did not connect through hyperterminal also i tried all the boad rate settings. but none of the setting worked.

    when i installed nokia pc suite it was able to detect and was working fine.

    but my problem is in our project we can not used nokia pc suite as we require some processing on data which pc suite can not do.

    and since C# connection is working with other devices it is not a better option to use nokia's SDK.

    if some one can please guide me . where i am missing

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: AT command?

    from another post i heard that nokia 3120 did not support at command.

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    Re: AT command?

    What prototype are u talking of ..do u mean a emuator

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    Re: AT command?

    Does anyone know where i can get a (nearly) complete list of nokia phones that accept AT commands

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    Re: AT command?

    hi there..
    you were talking about a project that you did in C# and it worked..
    i am trying to do the same thing now in C#..
    but it is giving me some problems..
    in Hyperterminal i used to wrtie AT+CMGF="1234" <cr>
    and then i get > which makes me able to write the message after..
    in C# the function Write() ...
    appends every thing together and then send them at once,, how can i send one string and then have some delay -for example- and after that send another string.. lets say after i get the OK from the GSM..

    Can you please help me in this.. can you show me the method you used in C#?

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