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    Question Game menu usability - how critical this for large publishers/Nokia?

    ..Recently I have read some docs concerning game menu usability. For example, Game_User_Experience_Library_v1_0_en.chm
    My question - is large publishers/portals requires all that, or they only recommends some solutions?

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    Re: Game menu usability - how critical this for large publishers/Nokia?

    Given the inconsistency in existing products by large publishers/portals, my bet is that they don't require it.

    What many do require is that the applications pass either the Symbian Signed (http://www.symbiansigned.com) or Java Verified (http://www.javaverified.com) criteria.

    In any case, I would try to follow those usability guidelines as fully as practically possible to help ensure a more uniform user experience.

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