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    Whats the exact support for SVG in Series 60?

    Whats the exact support for SVG images in Series 60 FP3 onwards?
    Are only icons for the application are supported in SVG or can these SVG
    images can also be used like we use bmp,jpeg images for other purposes?
    The docs say only icon ,but i think once a svg plug-in is available it must
    be usable for other purposes also.

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    Post Re: Whats the exact support for SVG in Series 60?


    You can use SVG for all of your graphical needs . The support of SVG is however not native in S60 as no API can just take a SVG in place of a bitmap object .

    S60 now provides and API to load and convert a SVG into two CFbsBitmap (image and mask) and another one to size the bitmaps before you use them in your application.

    So the best way to do things bearing in mind that the UI is scalable is to load the SVG at construction time using AknIconUtils::CreateIconL() and work out the size of the bitmap in CCoeControl::SizeChanged() and call AknIconUtils::SetSize() .

    More information on scalable UI in the document S60_Platform_Scalable_UI_Support_v4_0_en.pdf or later version available on Nokia's site.


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    Re: Whats the exact support for SVG in Series 60?

    I am trying to use SVG for making a "custom UI". I'm using CAknUtils::CreateIcon to load my SVG from a MIF file and draw it in my control with CWindowGc::BitBlt().

    I have a few problems achieving the result I expect:

    1. SVG is not drawn on S60 3.0 emulator, but IS drawn OK on S60 3.1 emulator.

    2. "Static" SVG (with no animation elements) is drawn OK but the minute I add animateTransform element, the emulator does not draw anything (I get an empty/blank screen). This is true for all emulators and the device too (N80).

    3. Texts in the SVG are not drawn on the device. I tried to change the Text element attributes, removing the font definition (I thought the device cannot find the font) but no solution to this troubling issue yet.

    4. This is really a long shot, since I haven't been able to achieve even the basic functionality with SVG UI, but still I wonder: how can I add interactivity to my SVG UI? Normally, one would define animation elements with "begin"/"end" attributes which correspond to either key or mouse events. This is part of SMIL Animation standard and is supported in SVG Tiny 1.1. Now I've read SVG Tiny 1.1 is supported by S60 3rd edition, but - is it practical? Are there any special key events that should be defined for SVG running on the device (i.e. there is no mouse)?

    Any help/information about these issues would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Whats the exact support for SVG in Series 60?

    I am also in the same boat. Please help. I need to make an icon with some text in it. Which font should I use.


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