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    what format to save mp3 file?

    I want downloal a mp3 file via httpengine, and save it, but when I save it ,it always been saved as wrong format, and I cann't play it, following is my code

    the red part is to convert aResponse from unicode to utf8, when I use following code to download a xml file, it works with right format, but when I use it to download a mp3 file, it can save as right format, can anyone help me?

    void CSongInfoDlg::ResponseReceivedL(const TDesC& aResponse)
    CCnvCharacterSetConverter* converter=CCnvCharacterSetConverter::NewLC();
    TDes8* desc8 ;
    desc8 = (TDes8*)&aResponse;
    if(CCnvCharacterSetConverter::EErrorIllFormedInput == converter->ConvertFromUnicode(*desc8, aResponse))
    User::Leave(KErrArgument); //Leave if error in conversion.
    CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); //clean for converter

    SaveMusicToFile(* desc8);

    void CSongInfoDlg::SaveMusicToFile(const TDesC8& aMusic)
    RFs iFileServer;
    RFile fp;
    TInt err = fp.Open(iFileServer,KFilenameDestIP,EFileWrite);
    if(err !=KErrNone)
    TInt pos=0 ;

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    Re: what format to save mp3 file?

    CCnvCharacterSetConverter is used to convert unicode text strings to byte based character strings, so you shouldn't use it when dealing with other than text based data.

    Just try saving the responce as it is and it might work better.


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