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    secure site in internet

    I can't connect my mobile GPRS with the internet banking with user name and password
    my mobile is Nokia 9300
    Please answer me on my mail : ara_fodoulian@hotmail.com
    Thank you

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    Re: secure site in internet

    When you say "can't connect", it isn't very helpful in determining what your problem really is.

    Start by stating which operator, which country and which bank you're trying to connect to.

    Then you might also check that you are using your operator's Internet Access Point (IAP), and not a WAP access point (or check with the bank what they support).

    Also, let us know if you can access other sites OK or not (that only this bank site is what's failing).

    And it would be useful if you also stated what error message you get (word-for-word as displayed on your phone), when you attempt to connect.

    Check also with your bank that their systems is not doing browser detection and refusing access on their side, because you are using a device/browser that they don't support (that is, they may on their servers be looking for the HTTP_USER_AGENT info the browser sends, and refusing entry because they don't know or trust they can handle that particular browser).

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