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    Exclamation need urgent guidance on j2me

    I had few queries on J2ME.

    Any of you can please throw light on my queries???

    Here goes my mail-
    I am a B.E. (Electronics & Telecommunication). I had taken VLSI and Embedded Systems as my final year elective subjects. I am more interested in Embedded Systems. I always dream of writing code that runs into small devices. Technologies like Blue tooth, wireless etc. fascinate me a lot. I want to be a code developer in these. But I have a bit ambiguity in this regard-
    Programming an embedded system involves writing code in C, using compilers and other similar tools and then transferring it into the device. Thus sometimes, the programmer needs to know about some (but not too many) of the hardware details of the device being programmed- registers, memory map and so on. But with J2Me will I get such a feel while developing code? When a person writes code in J2EE, he executes it on a O.S. platform on a PC. Is J2ME an analogous to this, i.e. you write code in J2ME and execute it on an O.S. (Symbian, Palm, Windows CE) on a mobile phone or similar such device??? I am looking for some (but not too many) hardware details to be involved while writing code. Even if some telecommunication/networking aspect is involved (like HTTP) etc, its good for me.
    In short, I want to see myself writing "embedded software" and not just "software" (I am ready to write for writing "plain software".But since I have invested 4 years to become Electronics & Telecommunication engineer and finally have identified at least on "area of interest" out of the 39 subjects that I studied, it would be nice if I make a living by writing software that is @ least somewhat" close to
    "embedded software"
    Hope that you understand the domain to which my queries are targeted. Please reply me in this regard. If J2ME doesn't cater to my interests, are there any other sub domains in J2ME that will fulfill my appetite for in above areas.
    And why J2ME, because its a Sun certification, which is globally acknowledge. As far as my know-how is concerned, the market doesn’t have any globally acknowledged certification course like "embedded software" developeretc.
    a person from j2me.org discussion forum said that "symbian" is the tecnology i should go into. anyone can tell me in this regard

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    Re: need urgent guidance on j2me

    When you write J2ME code, you have no real visibility, direct access to hardware; all you will see is the Java Virtual Machine view of the world, which means MIDP/CLDC and other JSR's the phone manufacturer has decided to implement.

    If you want/need more than that on a Nokia phone, then you need to use Symbian OS based phones and code in C++.

    The phone OS is written in C/C++, not Java. In that sense "closest" to "embedded software development" you can get is with C++/Symbian programming.

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