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    Can Java (J2ME) application call an Symbian exe

    I'm developing an application in Java for nokia 7650, but i need 2 system operation :

    1. Send and Receive informazion from/to pc via Irda (Infrared port)
    2. Get incoming/outgoing phone calls from registry

    This kind of function are impossible to develop in Java.
    I would like to call 2 C++ small Symbian program that do there.

    There is a way to call an exe program from java application ??

    If this is impossible, i fire J2ME SDK, and i start to looking for a J2ME creator.

    Thanks Roberto

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    RE: Can Java (J2ME) application call an Symbian exe

    It is not possible to call any external programs from within your java app.

    Wether the nokia 7650 supports seriall communication i am not sure. Some implemenations of j2me allow communications via "comm://". Although this is not defined in the midp specifications.

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