I'm working to creatge an application that send MMS from a PC to a mobile phone. I sue NMSS SDK 1.5 to simulate the presence of the MSSC, and the S40 DP SDK 2.0 to simulate the presence of the phone. For sending messages I use MM/ protocol. My application works fine, in fact I can send MMS to phone emulator in a correct way, but I have a problem about delivery report.
The problem is that NMSS send the delivery report to correct address, but into NMSS are showed error informations:

INFO No response from sending message

INFO Message, message id = ........ sent to URL 1234100 (this is OK)

WARNING Error sending message to URL=http://<host address>:<port number>/MMSSender/MMSSender

SEVERE Message decode failure.

Besides in the NMSS don't appear informations about delivery report.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem???