hi all,
i am doing a simple app to write some text into a file and reading it back.

i was able to create the text file and write the text using the RFileWriteStream.the problem is with reading....

i want to read the text to a buffer and dispaly it in the listbox.i am giving my code for reading to a buffer

void CFilesAppUi::ReadDataL()
RFs fileSession;
User::LeaveIfError( fileSession.Connect() );
CleanupClosePushL( fileSession );
RFile file;
User::LeaveIfError( file.Open( fileSession, KFilesPath, EFileRead ) );

CleanupClosePushL( file );

RFileReadStream readStream(file);
CleanupClosePushL( readStream );

HBufC* readData = HBufC::NewLC( readStream,KMaxPlainTextDataLength);

iAppContainer->PrintLineL( *readData );



when i am running the app,the text is displayed in the listbox with the first character missing and some special characters in between the characters
i have entered.
whats wrong with the code for reading a file's content to a buff?

is der anyother way to dispaly the text other than listbox?

please help me to sort out this problem........

all ur replies are apperciated