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    MMSC Accessibility/Connectivity

    Hi fellows,
    I have been asked to write an application that pulls MMS messages and push them to a MMSC of some GSM operator, MMS messages supposed to be ready to use. My questions are:
    1. Is there a specific protocol for MMSC that I must implement to get the work done?
    2. Is there an open source application which can save my time at least at the begining? I need it Java based.
    3. If my questions does not show the right way to go so, what is the first step I have to do?
    4. Is it an operator oriented issue? Is every operator differs from the other on how to get its MMSC connected?

    Any answers/comments will be highly appreciated.

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    Re: MMSC Accessibility/Connectivity

    Of course there are standards to connect to MMSCs from mobile devices, and how to connect different operator's MMSC's and route messages between them, but those are primarily used between device manufacturers and operators.

    How one operator allows a service provider/developer to connect to their MMSC may vary greately from how another operator does it.

    So, your first step is to contact the particular operator whose MMSC you want to connect to, and ask them what their terms and conditions and supported protocols/interfaces to access their MMSC are.

    You can, of course, skip all that if you use develop an application that uses an actual mobile phone to send the MMS. If you want to do it from a PC or server, then start by contacting the operator.

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    Re: MMSC Accessibility/Connectivity

    Dear petrib,
    Thanks for the information, very interesting.

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