Hi everybody,

I'v got a problem:

CSendAppUi::CreateAndSendMessageL(...) crashes in case if I try to send a file in MMS
& there is no valid access point defined - app asks me to create access point &
if I select Yes - crashes with no any panic code... , in case if access point defined everything is Ok.

ps: device = n6670, SDK 2.0

I found some apps(explorer) that allow file transfer with CSendAppUI( I suppose ) - it works fine...

may be anybody have some ideas???

thereis my code:

void CItemSender::SendL( TInt nCommandID )

CDesC16ArrayFlat* pAttachments = new ( ELeave ) CDesC16ArrayFlat( 1 );
CleanupStack::PushL( pAttachments );
pAttachments->AppendL( *m_pItemToSend );

TRAPD( nErr, m_pSendUI->CreateAndSendMessageL( nCommandID, NULL, pAttachments) );

CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( pAttachments );

if( nErr != KErrNone && nErr != KErrCancel )
User::LeaveIfError( nErr );