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Thread: map 3D view

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    Angry map 3D view

    I´m working on a GPS application using J2ME to run it on mobile devices, and i want to give my application a 3D view (like tomtom or route 66). I´m using Microsoft MapPoint to get the maps and i´m having a lot of problems.
    Now we are trying to create a plane (in code with jsr 184) and apply the map as a texture (PNG), but we can´t make it. The map we have is a PNG image and it has 35 KB´s size. With the same code when we change the path of the map image and we put another png image (this one have only 3KB size) everything works fine.

    Does anyone know if the textures must have a determined size or format? Can i use other format like gif as a texture?

    And finally... anyone have an idea of how with a 2D image map simulate a 3D view??? I really thanks any idea or comment.

    Thank you very much and sorry for my poor english.

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    Re: map 3D view

    what is the size of your image maybe that is the problem you only can use for exampe: 64x64 or 128X256 or 64X32 and so on.
    If you wanna look for screenanimation without the JSR you can look on :


    So I hope that helped you a little....


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