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    SyncML setup for working on the emulator

    Hi All,

    How can I set the emulator up for SyncML development. I am writing an SyncML DS adapter.

    Pls help.


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    Re: SyncML setup for working on the emulator


    did you suceed? I tried to start "Sync" client on S60 2ndEd FP2 emulator first, but only wait dialog shows "Connecting",then "Terminated" and "Server doesn't response". I didn'd see any packet in Ethereal.. All other network apps works fine with the emulator, so network is configured properly. There are two possibilities:

    1) "Sync" client doesn't work on emulator
    2) I had configured somethigm badly, so it dosn't even try to send any packets.

    I tried to synchronize with server from mobile device(6680) and it works perfectly, so I suppose that server is okey and ready. I also copied database files connected with SyncML profiles from device to emulator to ensure that settings strings and password, etc. were typed correctly - unfortunatelly with the same result. Nothing was send...

    There must be some emulator-related settings... Could you or anyone hlp me?


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