Hi all,

For a certain project, involving Push to Talk over Cellular, I need to "decode" the service provider message containing PoC settings sent OTA.

I am using a Nokia 6670 (series 60). After receiving the Service provider's configuration message, I am able to push the message from my cell to my laptop (using FExplorer from the c:\system\mail\00001001_S folder of the phone).

I tried using wbxml2xml (from libwbxml.aymerick.com ) on the laptop (running Sarge aka Debian 3.1), unsuccessfully:
$ wbxml2xml -m 1 -l OTA Config.SMS
wbxml2xml succeded:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE CHARACTERISTIC-LIST PUBLIC "" "characteristic-list.dtd">


Does anyone have any ideas/clues as to how can I get the settings in plain vanilla XML format???


PS: Have cross posted this in the Messaging -> OMA forum as well