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    'RBTSecuritySettings' undeclared compiled error

    I used the S60 FP2 SDK. In my program, I have used the
    'RBTSecuritySettings' class on this SDK version. The firstly, I got the 'RBTSecuritySettings' undeclared compile error. So I check the btmanclient.h header file included in my program. I found that in this version of SDK the 'RBTSecuritySettings'
    class has changed to 'RBTSecuritySettingsB' declaration, So I used RBTSecuritySettingsB class in my program, but the 'RBTSecuritySettingsB' unclared identifier compile error is still happend. I'm puzzled by this compiled error. Anyone can give me some advice?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: 'RBTSecuritySettings' undeclared compiled error

    maybe you should check the BT examples that were shipped with the FP2 SDK. They show quite well how the BT is handled with FP2. Earlier implementations were handled differently, but if you just compare your code and the examples, you'll see that there are only few lines that are required to be changed.


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    Re: 'RBTSecuritySettings' undeclared compiled error

    It looks like you are mixing the Symbian 9.0 SDK header files and the Symbian 7.0s SDK header files.

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