Please help me!
I need very simple thing - transparent icons in my MIDlet's menu.
I mean - menu created as List, see the code -

String[] menuItems = {"Open", "New"};
Image[] menuItmages = {
Image.createImage("/icons/new.png") };
List list = new List("MyMenu", Choice.IMPLICIT, menuItems, menuImages);

Unfortunately when menu (list) item is selected I see that image has white background - it looks ugly. I now - Nokia 6610 could display transparent menu icons because there are a lot of menus with transparent icons. But how can I make in my MIDlet menu that completely alike to standard Nokia menus with icons? Is is possible at all? I mean - is it possible for MIDP 1.0 device? Or at least - is it possible for my Nokia 6610?

I also tried to use GIF, ICO image formats but unfortunately without positive effect. :-(

Regards, Dmitry.