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    App opens then closes immediately

    Hi all, I have written a small application that works perfectly in the emulator without any memory leak, error or panic.
    My SDK is 2nd ed. FP2.
    When I try this app in a 6630 it only opens for less than a second then closes immediately. I've manually checked the presence in the phone of the particular libraries I'm using. They are in place in the lib folder in Z.

    What else can I do?

    Thank you


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    Re: App opens then closes immediately

    are you opening any files in your app ? might be that they are not included in your sis, or the drive is not specified in your loading code.


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    Re: App opens then closes immediately

    Hi, Yucca, no, I'don't try to open any file inmy app.
    It's only a very very basic gui application (based on the helloworld ex) in wich by a menu command, i query the device for some audio capabilities via CDevSoundAudioInput::CapabilitisDataTypeL() and list them on video.
    It works without a glitch in the emulator.
    I've manualy checked in the phone the presence of the libraries it needs.
    I've tried a utility "Panix" to analyse panics on the device but it doesn't even detect this is a panic...


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    Re: App opens then closes immediately

    the reason can be below,
    1, you have use the file open, and do not close them.
    2, you have access some files that do not exist.
    i only came across the above and the app is close immediately on mobile but not emulator.

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    Re: App opens then closes immediately


    Check the UID it should be same everywhere in application .pkg , mmp and *Aif.rss



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    Re: App opens then closes immediately


    one of the reason,for apps closing on opening

    if u use any lib file in .mmp file that lib concerned dll doesnt exists in realdevice

    ..example in series602.1 if u use vibra..vibrafactory..libs it works in emulator fine...
    but ,when put in real device..closes on opening

    chhk ur .mmp file for libs (libs which,concerned dll are not present on real device)...


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    Re: App opens then closes immediately

    Hi all, thank you for trying to help.
    I'm thinking there are specific problems with CDevSoundAudioInput and its libraries.
    I repeat, I don't use files.
    The libraries releted to that class are present in my 6630 (i've found the DLLs).
    They are:
    LIBRARY advancedaudiocontroller.lib
    LIBRARY advancedaudiocontrollerutils.lib
    LIBRARY devsoundaudioinput.lib
    LIBRARY devsoundaudiooutput.lib

    I've also derived the class that uses CDevSoundAudioInput::CapabilitisDataTypeL()
    from the necessary observer class that CDevSoundAudioInput needs:
    MDevSoundAudioInputObserver this way (I simply call the function having substituted the code in the "Hallo" command in the HalloWorld GUI app...):
    class CHelloWorldBasicAppUi : public CAknAppUi,
    public MDevSoundAudioInputObserver
    I've declared but leaved with an empty implementation its three callbacks because I don't need them for a simple call to CapabilitisDataTypeL():
            TInt  EmptySharedBufferL (CMMFBuffer *aBuffer) ;
            void  RecordComplete () ;
            void  SendEvent (const TMMFEvent &aEvent) ;
    TInt  CHelloWorldBasicAppUi::EmptySharedBufferL (CMMFBuffer *aBuffer) {return 0;}
    void  CHelloWorldBasicAppUi::RecordComplete () {}
    void  CHelloWorldBasicAppUi::SendEvent (const TMMFEvent &aEvent) {}
    If I simply comment the call to "CDevSoundAudioInput::CapabilitisDataTypeL()" i have in my class, my app loads its GUI and stays open on my 6630 too. With it uncommented, the app only works in emulator.

    I'd like to know if somebody else has ever tried to use this class...


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