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    Problem with StartListeningEvents (continued)

    Hi. This post is related to the one posted by The Baldheads on Nov. 15 about the method mentioned in the subject. I did some investigating into this by loading up a C++ example that comes with the SDK. I found an "unhandled
    exception" and, after some tracing, found that the error being returned
    *in the StartListeningEvents method's implementation* stated that one of the calls within that method was NOT implemented (which would probably be what the VB project was complaining about).

    The method call it was failing on was a call to:
    raw_StartListeningEvents. I traced through the code and could not find any implementation of this method (it's declared:

    virtual HRESULT  __stdcall raw_StartListeningEvents ( ) = 0;
    ie. it's an abstract/pure virtual method and has to be implemented). So, I can only guess that since it compiled its implementation has to be located somewhere (since there are instantiations of the class in which this declaration is located). But if that's the case, then I can't see why the program would throw an exception stating that the method hasn't been implemented.

    So this begs the following questions:

    - Is this particular SDK incomplete?
    - Why haven't more people had this problem? Could it be something about the OS used or something else we're missing?

    Anyone's input would be most appreciated.

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    Re: Problem with StartListeningEvents (continued)

    I'm getting this too. I can call StartListeningEvents using the PC Connectivity SDK 2.1 (but my phone doesn't work with that one!) but when I install the v. 3 SDK I get the "not implemented" exception. I am running on Windows Server 2003 and the phone that I'm connecting to is 7610 via USB.

    Anyone else get anywhere with this?



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