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    accesskey - * and #


    We were testing a XHTML page with accesskey, as mentioned in earlier posts in this forum, we found that by holding the number key long enough the accesskey functionality works.. - (Nokia 6220, 3660, 6600).

    But we were not able to get the characters "*", "#" to work as accesskeys, the XHTML-MP syntax for the anchor tag seems to mention that these characters can also be used for the accesskey.. (We tested on the s40 and s60 simulator also).. Are these keys not supported by Nokia browsers for accesskey ?

    Also if we have an anchor in the form

    <a accesskey="0" href="test.jsp">Press 0 to go back </a>

    then the accesskey does not seem to work (if we press 0 then the test.jsp does not get invoked....)

    Any help / pointers would be appreciated..


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    Re: accesskey - * and #

    Hi krish,

    in the Nokia-documents for series 40 and 60 "Series_XX_Platform_ Designing_XHTML_Mobile Profile Content" it says in the text: "If the # key or the * key are assigned as access keys, they are ignored by the browser." They don't give reasons there, but I think it's because of the special meaning of that keys in (mobil-) phones. However: the "0-key" is not mentioned there (maybe it's the third "special key" ).

    Kind regards


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    Re: accesskey - * and #

    FYI. But not all model blocked the captioned access key. e.g. 6230

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