Hello All,
My name is avi and im a student doing a Hardware and Software project using Nokia phones !!!
After reading this fourm threads i got a bit confused !!!

*) i am using At commands to send\read SMS.
*) i am tring to use Nokia 3120 - but i read this model doesnt support the at commands - IS IT TRUE

YET ???
*) i am using a controller(PIC) with RS232 protocol to send the command to the phone using the POP

PORT connector.

My main problem are :

1) I have problem to recieve SMS : i couldnt find in the fourm the right way to read incoming

messages. i know there is the problem of the Memory storage (SM or IM) i can read 20 messages but

they are the oldest ones i cant read the new Sms i sent to my cellular phone !!

Plz send me the link or the set of commands to read incomming SMS using terminal for NOKIA 3210 or

NOKIA 6110

Thank u all !!