Hi all,
I'm using a nokia 6230 and a nokia 7110 to test my application that uses the at commands to send/read sms. I'm using CreateFile/ReadFile/WriteFile win23 APIs to communicate with the phone with a COM(serial) interface. With my 6230, when I send the AT+CGMR=n command I get only the "\n\rOK\n\r" response from the phone, but when I connect using HyperTerminal I can read the entire response with the sms pdu... It's seems that the PDU data is always lost!!! With the +CGML i've the same problem, I get only the final OK response but the message list is missing! With other AT commands i've no problems and I get the full response. There is a special flag to set to the serial port? I've another application that read from the GPS using a serial port, and I never miss a char.. I can't understand why I lost something from 6230... And with the 7110 +CGMR works fine, but the CGML still don't work.. Someone can help?
PS: sorry for my english