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    Http Post problem (406 Not Acceptable) on the 6230

    Hi everybody,

    it seems Http Post is really a problem in Nokia mobiles... I tried a code using HTTP Post on a Motorola V620 and on a Siemens SL55 and it was working correctly. However, I tested on a Nokia 6230 mobile and I getting a 406 Not Acceptable http respose. In adittion, in the 6230 emulator is working fine.

    I am using Tomcat server and I did a simple servlet that just log the headers in order to check it. The weirdest thing is that I can get the headers doing a post with 6230, what means that is working, however I don't know why I got that response message.

    The GET method works fine in all the mobile that I've tested.

    Does anybody know what it could be? Does anybody know any way to solve this post problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Http Post problem (406 Not Acceptable) in 6230

    I have the exact same problem .. POST works on all other phones, even the other Nokias I have access to. Fails (in UK) on Vodafone. If the fix is just to add a certain http header from the app or the server I'd really appreciate info on what it is please!

    This was a 6230i with 3.40 (5/5/05) firmware. Server was Resin 3.0.12.

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